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Belinda Findlay

The business writer behind the name

Write Angles Communication is me, Belinda Findlay.

I’ve been providing business writing, copy editing and proofreading services for more than 25 years.

I could tell you a sentimental tale about how I wanted to write from birth.

But that’s not true.


The real story is: I fell into it.

Because my manager at Deloitte put copywriting tasks in my inbox.


And it hit me: I must write pretty well. So, really I didn’t choose business writing.

It chose me.

Because business writing fits me like a glove. One that’s now well worn. And well loved.

So, the real truth is, I love words and making them work.

Telling a captivating story, and making the complex simple, clear and easy to understand.

That’s honestly where it all began.

Belinda Findlay, experienced business copywriter

Why you should work with me

You’ll save time. So, you can get back to running your business: To earn more money, win new clients or just take a breather.

Here’s why.

I’ve got 25 years’ experience.

So what, you may say?

Well, experience creates an efficient and powerful writer.

I began as a marketing assistant for a software firm, then dabbled in events, copy editing and marketing planning before transforming into a specialist tender writer for professional services firms. Before websites were a thing. 

So I write for digital and print.

I know what works well and what doesn’t. 

THE BONUS FOR YOU: No fluff. No waffle. Just powerful, captivating copy.

And that’s not all. (Keep scrolling to find out more …)

I’m versatile.

I’ve written, copy edited and proofread thousands of words. For tenders, websites, annual reports, research reports, capability statements, case studies, industry surveys, Product Disclosure Statements, CVs, brochures, blogs. And more. For businesses large and small.  

THE BONUS FOR YOU: You name it, I can write, copy edit or proofread it for you.

I’m easy to work with.

Clients say enjoyable, a delight. Because I get to know you, and your business, understanding what needs to be said, and how. And get on with it.

THE BONUS FOR YOU: A speedy, seamless and stress-free process.

Business copywriting services office
Write Angles Communication office

I’m reliable and efficient.

I respond quickly because I’m super efficient. Leave the job in my hands, and you’ll know what needs doing, by who and when. 

THE BONUS FOR YOU: You meet your deadline becasue I meet mine (within reason!).

I create a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

My clients say I can create something amazing out of nothing.

I work with corporates, accounting and law firms, insurers, building and construction companies, engineers, early education and tertiary institutions, and small business. So I’m adaptable, adjusting my style and tone of voice to meet your needs.

THE BONUS FOR YOU: A fresh perspective and clear, captivating copy.

Copy editing services, Belinda Findlay


When you choose Write Angles Communication, you work with me. I don’t outsource anything.

THE BONUS FOR YOU: High-quality copy and a professional service.


Much more.

That’s why I’m a freelance writer: for the flexibility, variety and balance.

When I’m not tapping away at my desk, you’ll find me doing many things:

  • Kick-starting my day with a run. With our super-speedy, personality-packed Kelpie, Meg (aka my personal trainer). Listening to music or a podcast.
  • Baking up a storm. I love it. Yottam Ottolenghi, Bill Granger, Donna Hay and Belinda Jeffries are my go-to chefs. Cooking in the kitchen is my happy place.
  • Catching up with family and friends. Plying them with anything I’ve baked, or enjoying a night off cooking.
  • Drinking tea. Strong English breakfast. That’s my hot beverage of choice (I love the smell of coffee, not the taste.)
  • Walking in the park with our other dog, Molly, the Cavoodle. Aka my shadow, who snores (loudly) all day. Running isn’t her thing (the couch is too comfy).
  • Reading. It calms my busy mind. I have at least one book on the go at a time.
  • Sneaking in some Netflix. My guilty pleasure. Crime, drama or comedy.



Belinda Findlay and Meg the Kelpie

Transform your lifeless text into captivating copy, today.