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I'm an experienced, professional business copywriter based in Sydney. And I specialise in report writing, tender writing, website copy, awards submissions and blog writing. When you work with Write Angles Communication, you get me.


What you see is what you get.

And what you get is an experienced business copywriter who's reliable and proven. For you, this means peace of mind, more time, less hassle and new business.


Because I take your tired, uninspiring copy and turn it into benefit-driven, compelling reasons why clients should work with you. My clients say I'm responsive, friendly, easy to work with and, most importantly, a professional business writer they can trust

You work directly with me

For peace of mind and a quality result, I don't outsource your business writing tasks to other copywriters. Ever.


What you read is what I write. 


You receive personalised service. From me. And great business copywriting. It's clear, compelling and concise.


I'm an expert tender writer, blog writer, report writer, business copy editor and meticulous proofreader, too. 


That's why my clients keep coming back.

With 25 years' experience as a professional business writer you'll get clear, compelling copy

Looking for a stress-free, time saving solution? Choose me as your business copywriter, copy editor or proofreader.


Wanting to improve the impact of your business copywriting? Choose me.  


Struggling to find the right words in the best tone and voice? Choose me as your business copywriter or copy editor.


Needing to win more tenders? Work with me. I've written countless successful tenders and proposals. And I'd love to help you. 


Can't finish the job on time, every time? Choose me for your next business writing task. I never miss deadlines.


Seeking personalised, responsive service from a business copywriter you can trust? Work with me.  You'll be glad you did.

You benefit from proven experience spanning over 25 years as a specialist business copywriter, copy editor and professional proofreader. I've helped many businesses by copywriting, copy editing and proofreading a range of business and marketing materials - both digital and print.


What sets me apart as a professional business copywriter, copy editor and proofreader? My clients say I'm reliable and easy to work with. I know the right questions to ask.  I listen.  And I treat your business like it's mine. I also quickly get to the heart of what you need to say. And write in a voice your readers relate to. And I get the project done with minimal fuss and excellent results. 


When you work with me, you get the results you need. Simply because I know what works well and what doesn't. 


I will also save you time, and make your job easier. And take the stress and hassle out of business copywriting. I've never had a client who wasn't relieved to hand over a business writing or copy editing project, especially a competitive tender or proposal. They're always extremely thankful and highly satisfied at the end of a job well done. It’s mutually beneficial.  


So if you're looking for a business writer who's easy to work with, call me. Check out my business copywriting clients. They're happy they called me, and you will be, too.

My clients tell me I'm reliable, responsive and easy to work with

Do you think having an experienced business copywriter and copy editor in Sydney who you trust sounds too good to be true? Think again. If you think it's impossible to find a reliable writer who genuinely understands your needs and responds quickly. It's not. You just have to know where to look.


And now you've found me. 


My clients say I'm not only a really skilled business copywriter, clever copy editor and accurate proofreader. They say I'm always very responsive and offer a quick, quality turnaround. And an absolute master at project management. You leave it to me and I'll let you know what has to be done, by whom and when. You meet your deadline and I always meet mine. So, we're both happy.

I work with a range of industries and businesses

I've worked with professional services and financial services firms, small to medium sized businesses, not for profits and charities. The University of Adelaide, CoverMore, Lee and Lyons, KPMG, Moore Stephens, Colliers, AMP, Deloitte,  DLA Piper, BMW, Running for Premature Babies and The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. Just naming a few.


My business copy writing and tenders are enjoyed by a wide range of industries and business sectors. Building, architecture, accounting, finance, law, insurance, health, engineering, construction, state and local government, property, mining, education and agriculture.


But I don't need to be a specialist in your industry. I'm a specialist business copywriter. And an experienced marketing content writer and copy editor, too. So I adapt my writing style and message to your needs and your clients' interests. That's what I do best.

Call or email me, today

Call an expert business writer today

Win new business. Reduce your stress. And save time. Call. Or email.  I'd love to chat with you.


Better still, meet for a coffee or a tea (that's what I prefer) so we can talk more about your business copywriting and copy editing needs. Or your tender writing woes. It's a conversation I often have.


You'll walk away feeling relieved and I'll walk away inspired by your challenge. It's a win win. 

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