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The easy, stress-free path to captivating copy.

What is my writing process?

Business writing doesn’t have to be stressful. Or hard.

Do you want to know why?

Because you can hand the whole business writing process over to me.

When you do, you’ll find working with me is like working with a reliable, and trusted, yet professional, friend.

Whether you’re a corporate, or a professional services or financial services firm, my business writing process is the same.

Easy. Stress-free. Speedy. Even enjoyable.

So, choose me.

When you do, find out what you can expect below:


Freelance copywriter Sydney, Belinda Findlay

getting to know you

Step 1: The quick chat

Call me to discuss your needs, timing and budget, so we can see if we’re a good fit.

Step 2: Project proposal

After our chat, I’ll email a proposal to you, outlining the agreed scope and timing, including a quote.


Step 3: Project briefing

With the proposal agreed, I send a briefing document that you fill in or we chat about it on the phone.

doing my (business writing) thing


Step 4: Writing the first draft

I take your completed brief and write a first draft, which I email to you on the agreed date. Using track changes you add comments or feedback.

Step 5: Two rounds of FREE edits

I add in requested revisions and work in your comments. Most of my clients are pretty happy with the first draft and send back minor edits.


Step 6: Final draft delivered

Hooray! You receive the final draft, getting the copy you want and I have a happy client! So, I send you my invoice, and would love a testimonials. Happy days.

What’s in it for you?

Tender writing

MASSIVE TIME SAVINGS. I organise everything. So you can get back to running your business. 

UTTER RELIEF. It’s easy. You leave the project in my expert hands. And get tantalisingly transformed copy in return.


STRESS-FREE. My seamless process means no worry for you.


Blushingly great feedback

Belinda is exceptional at what she does. Without exaggeration, Belinda is the best copywriter and copy editor I’ve had the privilege to work with. She is professional, highly experienced and great to work with.

Adrijana Asercic

Accreditation Manager, The University of Adelaide

Belinda is a talented and reliable writer with a great knack of adapting her writing style to suit different audiences. She is always flexible and able to work to a deadline.

Sophie Smith

Managing Director, Running for Premature Babies

Personable and professional, and very easy for us to build a rapport with. That’s Belinda. She takes the time to understand your business and needs, and delivers excellent results in quick timeframes.

Carmel Meade and Vicki Belleros

Owners, Our Festive Puds

Transform your lifeless text into captivating copy, today.