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You've just finished a competitive tender, request for proposal, website, blog article, cast study or newsletter. And it's good to go.


Or is it?


Is it easy to read? Is your message compelling? Is it logically structured?  Questions can mount. Quickly. But there's an easy way to find the answer. Work with an experienced and professional business copy editor you can trust. 

5 signs you need help with business copy editing

You've got great ideas, but you can't translate them into words on a page


So frustrating, isn't it? You've got great information and a winning strategy in your head. But nothing happens when you put pen to paper. You just end up with a messy finger painting of words on the page. Professional business copy editing takes that mess and turns it into a superbly crafted business document.  

Your business copywriting is going around in circles and is as "clear as mud"


If you're struggling to get the words right, and present a logical, clear story, how will your readers understand or engage with your message? Professional copy editing takes what's there, refines it and re-writes it to make sure the words, content, structure and presentation hook your readers. When it comes to refining copy for competitive tenders, or any business document, we help you see the wood from the trees. And achieve outstanding results. So work with a professional copy editor and you'll end up with a simple, clear and consistent message focusing on your client's needs, clearly setting your submission apart.

Your draft is a dog's breakfast. It's full of errors and is grammatically incorrect


Spelling errors, typos, repetition, poor grammar, bad sentence structure and incorrect use of punctuation are unprofessional. To say the least. Not to mention a huge turnoff and a perfect way to lose potential customers. Instantly. A experienced copy editor helps to present a professional, polished image. Every time.

Time is ticking and you're certain to miss your deadline 


This isn't the best way to produce an outstanding piece of business copywriting. And it's never good for stress levels. A experienced and professional copy editor will turn your document around quickly and efficiently to ensure you meet that deadline. Especially if it's a competitive tender.  You'll enjoy peace of mind if you work with a professional copy editor.

Your writing doesn't engage your reader and is, quite simply, boring


Turning your passive voice into an active, exciting and easy to read story. That's what professional business copy editing is all about. It's clearing the fog, tidying up the mess and creating an engaging and compelling message that hooks your readers and makes them act. An experienced business copy editor will help you do this.



Do any of these scenarios ring true?  Belinda Findlay is an experienced copy editor, based in Sydney (but you don't have to be) with over 25 years' experience in professional business copy editing. Belinda will transform your business copywriting into clear, persuasive and professional content. All it takes is one phone call. +61 419 603 359. Or email

What are you waiting for?

Why work with a professional copy editor?

You're probably great at your job, but that doesn't make you a professional business writer. Leave that job to an expert. Especially when it comes to tender writing, capability statements, case studies, websites,  business reports, blogs and awards submissions. I'll help transform your draft copy into a logically structured, easy to read, engaging piece of business writing that hooks your readers at the start. It will save you time by allowing you to focus on more pressing tasks.   

10 ways professional copy editing makes a difference

Using an active voice


Focusing on benefits


Creating a logical structure


Delivering clear, consistent messages


Getting rid of repetitiveness

Using short sentences


Speaking in simple, clear language


Using a conversational tone


Getting rid of jargon


Getting rid of errors - spelling, punctuation, grammar

Fast turnaround and effective, professional copy editing

My quick and efficient turnaround, and the professional, high quality results keep my clients coming back. 


I've worked for over 25 years with professional services and financial services firms, as well as SMEs and not for profit businesses. I can help you, too, by copy editing business and marketing communications and publications including competitive tenders, proposals, website content, corporate profiles, capability statements, case studies, personal profiles and CVs, magazine articles, newsletters, annual reports, industry reports, media releases, speeches, brochures, business letters and manuals. Any written word for business.


You name it and I'll professionally copy edit it for you.  


What's more, I treat your document like it's mine, and work hard to create a professional result that engages your readers and reaps rewards for your business and brand.



Still scrolling?

Call me. Or email me. Let's have a chat about your professional copy editing needs. I'd love to help you.



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