Attract more attention now. Just cut the fat.

Yes, I know, it’s true. Fat free isn’t all the rage any more. Full fat is the buzzword of the year. When it comes to your health, apparently, it’s now the way to go.

But when I say cut the fat, I’m not talking about your waistline. I’m talking business copywriting. And that’s an entirely different ball game.

Everyone’s in a hurry. Whether it’s at the supermarket checkout, in peak hour traffic, at the petrol station. Even at the bank (well, who visits the bank now? Internet banking is way faster. But you get my drift). We’re impatient creatures. Especially when we read. Particularly. On. The. Web.

When you’re writing anything to attract a potential client’s attention, remember this: They’re not interested, and don’t have time to read War and Peace. They scour. Skim. Skip. Rush. They want to find a solution to meet their need, quickly. So you need to get to the point. Yesterday. And if you don’t, they'll leave.

One way to do this is to use shorter sentences. You’ll attract more attention. And create greater impact. Why? Cutting the fat gets rid of superfluous, unnecessary words. Trims time wasters.

Set yourself a goal. When you write a sentence today, halve it. It’ll take you longer. There’s no doubt. Because clever writing is short, sharp and to the point. And that’s never easy. It takes a lot of time and practise. Then some more.

But in business copywriting, less is always more. And to create the same impact, and attract more attention, you have to choose your words carefully and cleverly.

Take this as an example.

You might start with: Don’t spoil your day off by waiting at the bus stop longer than you need. Due to the fact that next Monday is a public holiday, in the event that you are catching the bus into the city, you will have to use the public holiday bus timetable.

Best to finish with: Reduce waiting time and enjoy your day more. Use the public holiday bus timetable next Monday if you’re travelling to the city.

I’ve cut the words by half. It’s much easier, leaner and cleaner to read. But still gets the key message across – don’t waste your day off waiting for a weekday bus.

So cut the fat. Write shorter sentences. Today. See how much more attention you attract. Because short and simple wins.

If you need help with writing short, powerful, easy to read and professional business copywriting, call Belinda Findlay, at Write Angles Communication, on 0419 603 359.

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