A reliable Sydney tender writer who wins you new business

Does the thought of tender writing and proposal writing send chills down your spine? Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought?


Perfect. Your dread is my specialty. Keep reading. We'll make a perfect team.

Win new business, keep your sanity and avoid tender madness

Tender Request, Request for Information, Request for Proposal. They're all the same thing: responding to an onerous (and tedious) list of detailed and intricate questions. About your business. Your people. Their skills. Your goals. Your values, focus and approach. Your fees.  And what makes you different.

All tenders have a deadline. Sometimes reasonable, but most pretty tight considering the detail required. So they all create way too much stress, anxiety and panic in every business. I've seen it happen. Many times.


And every tender devours your time, money and, mostly, your sanity (certainly by the end).


So, how can you avoid the inevitable path to tender madness?


Work with an experienced and professional tender writer. In Sydney. (But you don't have to be.)


Why work with an experienced, professional tender writer?

Because a winning tender is different. It stands out from the crowd. And makes an impact.


To write a winning tender, you need an experienced tender writer. A professional who adds real value. Who's worked for over 25 years writing tenders for businesses. One you can trust to take the reins, lead your team, write compelling, benefit-driven copy, meet your deadline, and lighten your load until the tender is submitted.


Does that sound appealing to you? 


You'll enjoy a smooth, seamless and (almost) stress-free process. And, more than likely, a winning result.

A Sydney tender writer adding value all the way

Adding value is a phrase I normally avoid. In this case, there's no other way to say it. I'm Belinda Findlay, a professional tender writer. Project managing and writing tenders is my speciality. I do add value. To the whole process. Every time. Here's how.

Getting your team off to a great start. If you've submitted tenders before, you'd know that hitting the ground running from day one makes all the difference. Think a smooth, hassle-free process (versus a stressful, anxiety laden few days or weeks).  By involving me in your first team meeting, I'll get you on the right track. From day one.


You'll have peace of mind knowing that the right questions are being asked, your key messages are set, a strategy developed and a task list devised. Every team member walks away knowing what they have to do, by when. You're off and running (in the right direction).

Becoming a seamless team member. As well as copywriting or copy editing your tender or request for proposal, I'll also project manage the entire process. Including developing a tender timeline showing what information is needed, and when the first and last draft, and every version in between, will be sent out for comment. And, of course, when final sign off is needed before the document is submitted.


Before long, you'll see me as one of the team. I slip so seamlessly into the entire process, knowing who to ask for what information, and how to get action. Fast. And chasing anyone who's dragging the chain.


It's incredible value for money, considering the time and hassle I'll save you.

Focusing on your potential client. I'm an experienced tender writer, so I know what it takes to write a winning submission. Your potential client wants to hear all about them. Not all about you. Of course they want to know you how you can help them better than anyone else. But that's where it ends. And this is the biggest mistake many businesses make when writing tender submissions.


My tender writing is proven. I write what your client wants to hear. The way they want to hear it. So if you're making this common mistake, I'll easily help you fix it. 

Achieving benefit-driven tender writing. I genuinely care whether you win or lose. As much as you do. So I write like your business is mine. And I take the time to understand how your product or service benefits your potential client. Because benefit-driven copy wins tenders. It stands out from the crowd. It hooks your potential client and makes them take notice. It's all about them, remember. And what they'll get.


It's a bit of an art from. And while I'm definitely no artist, it's how I write. All the time.


What if you've already written your tender? Can I help you?

Of course? I can help you no matter where you are in the tender writing process. You may have already drafted a tender but want me to read through and make the messages more compelling and benefit-driven, and make sure you've answered all of the questions. Or, you may be happy with where it's at and simply want me to proofread it at the end to avoid any embarrassing and costly mistakes. And if you're sitting there staring at a blank page, I'll come along, work alongside you and help you fill it with the best benefit-driven content you've ever read. 

5 ways you will benefit by working with me

You'll likely win more tenders

You'll end up with an exceptionally professional, easy to read document

You'll definitely be way less stressed

You'll save mountains of time

You'll enjoy peace of mind working with someone you can trust

Still scrolling?

Call me, or email me. It's that easy. I'll help you every step of the way, or only part of the way - whatever suits you.  You won't be disappointed. 

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