A Sydney business copywriter you can trust


Are you struggling to write a tender or request for proposal but don't have time to do it? And the deadline is looming ...

Have no clue how to write a business proposal or capability statement?

Need to invigorate your tired, ineffective marketing material but have no new ideas and don't know where to start?

Can't work out what's the difference between a feature or a benefit to save your bacon in your tender, case study, website or blog?

Need a professional proofreader to pick up sneaky, costly errors?




That's way too much to be stressed about.


Let me help you lighten your load. Save valuable time. And win you new business.

8 compelling reasons to work with Belinda Findlay 

Winning you new clients with compelling business copywriting that solves their problems

Winning you more tenders with concise, easy to read, benefit-driven tender writing 

Do you know the difference between a good business copywriter and a great one? It's hooking readers at the start. By knowing the right questions to ask you. Listening to what you say, then turning it into a powerful, compelling reason for you clients to act. Now. That's what you get with Write Angles Communication.

Do you struggle with tender writing? Can't find a specialist tender writer to help? You're not alone. Tenders are a Catch 22. Everyone hates them. Pure hatred. But who doesn't want to retain existing clients and win new ones? That's where I come in. A professional tender writer, delivering engaging, benefit-driven tenders and request for proposals. You'll enjoy minimum fuss and stress, maximum professionalism and winning results.

Attracting more readers with skilled business copywriting and copy editing
Enjoying peace of mind by working with a professional business copywriter you can trust

Attracting loyal readers is easier when you solve their problems. And say something that resonates. And say it well. I'm a trusted business copywriter and copy editor. I love words and anything to do with them. Cutting them out (mostly). Adding meaningful ones in (always). Refining them. Again and again. Getting the right angle or creating a compelling message that engages. Why not see for yourself?

Having a professional business copywriter you can trust is worth its weight in gold. Work with me. I treat your business like it's mine. I'm known for honesty, discretion and integrity. I never work with your competitors on the same writing task or tender. (Plenty in my profession do). And I never miss deadlines. For you, that means no stress and peace of mind. Happy days.

Saving you time and money, so you get back to focusing on more important tasks

Clear your inbox and your conscience. Quality business copywriting, copy editing and proofreading takes time. Lots of it. Tender writing takes even more. Time you don't have. By working with me, you'll save time and money, and enjoy peace of mind because you can leave the job in my reliable hands and focus on other more pressing tasks. 

Invigorating your tired marketing content with benefit-driven messages that dazzle

Hook your readers from the start. Take the hassle and stress out of business copywriting and copy editing. Say goodbye to dull, tired waffle. Nobody reads it. Readers are impatient. They want to know what's in it for them. Now. That's what an experienced business copywriter does. Creates appealing, engaging and persuasive copy. That's Write Angles Communication. 

Protecting your brand and reputation with meticulous proofreading
Promoting your brand in a positive light with easy to read, engaging content 

Imagine professional, error-free  marketing copy. Yet one tiny mistake will ruin your reputation. Don't let this happen. A fresh set of eyes will find sneaky or glaring errors you've missed. I'm a professional proofreader - sharing over 25 years' experience with you. I have a meticulous eye for detail. And a knack for finding inconsistencies. Work with me. Your brand will thank you for it.

No waffle. No fuss. No nonsense business copywriting. Work with me. In business writing, less is more. That's the real art and true skill of professional business copywriting. Carefully sculptured words. No jargon. No fluff. Just clear and concise writing highlighting the benefits of your brand over your competitors'.

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